Does a 2021 Micromax IKR Series Interest You?

Micromax test karts are now available at both Hooton Park and Warden Law. Get involved in the 2021 series with the ultimate media coverage. Register your interest below now.

We now have 19 drivers interested in taking part in an IKR based Micromax Challenge series starting in 2021. The media package will see the series as the first to feature both film of EVERY HEAT AND FINAL during the season, with an end of season commemorative “Season in review” book, FREE to every competitor doing every round at the end of season awards.  The book will feature images of EVERY driver taking part, race reports of each heat and final at each round, and on-track action shots gathered by the local photographers and ourselves. it will be quite simply an unprecedented level of media coverage and exposure for everyone taking part.


For 2021, the primary circuits involved will be northern-based with a plan to have 10 rounds in total, starting in Jan/Feb 2021, which will include a 3 round winter series and 7 round main series.

Hooton Park and Warden Law are confirmed, with Fulbeck, Wombwell, and Rowrah also approached to host rounds as pert of their IKR meetings.


The Micromax engine is an incredibly ultra-reliable, low maintenance engine. As such it is a great starting class for young drivers, and the series is an opportunity for those who are perhaps more northern based to become part of a prestigious series with huge media exposure, with clubs like Hooton Park also running the class as part of their regular Indikart championship offering as much racing as you would need to ensure an investment in micromax kit makes sense.

One set of slick tyres to last every two rounds will help to reduce the costs to drivers, and a 900 or 950mm chassis can be used.


We are announcing this in good time to give everyone the opportunity to simply express their interest at this stage.

We envisage that the class will be for those aged 8-13 (year of 8th with one year of bambino experience to year of 13th birthday). The registration fee for the series will be £99 for the season, with a £120 entry fee per round (Sunday race day) to cover the costs of entry and media coverage by our professional crew, together with the production time involved and print costs of the books. As such it should make the series somewhat less expensive overall than other national events, but with unparalleled media exposure for everyone taking part, as you will be in EVERY race we film on the biggest YouTube channel in the world for the sport.


At this stage there is no cost, we just want to hear from everyone that is interested in the proposal. We will be opening a registration process in October, but please complete the form below and send it in now so we have your details on hand. We will release the names of everyone showing interest in the next few weeks, and if you want a test in the kart, please contact Dave Wilson at Modus Motorsport/Hooton Park, or Joe Bradley at Warden Law Circuit directly, both of whom have karts and engines available to test now. Be part of this new series and enjoy the greatest ever media exposure for drivers and sponsors.

Register Interest in Micromax Series Here
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