The Calendar

April 25th: Teesside
May 9th: Wombwell
July 4th: Rowrah
July 17th (Fri Practice & Sat Race):
Hooton Park
Aug 1st: Rowrah
Sept 26th: Teesside
Oct 10th: Hooton Park

Drop Worst Score From One Round

IKR clubs will host and run each round. The media package will see the series as the first to feature both film and print media, with EVERY HEAT AND FINAL filmed during the season and an end of season commemorative “Season in review” book FREE to every competitor doing every round of the Micromax UK Championship at the end of season awards. The book will feature images of EVERY driver taking part, race reports of each heat and final at each round, and on-track action shots gathered by the local photographers and ourselves. it will be quite simply an unprecedented level of media coverage and exposure for everyone taking part.