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Indikart+ is a Club-based, Televised Karting Championship Series, open to Licensed and Non-Licensed Drivers (subject to experience), with Livestream+ Coverage by TDi Media

The Championship is Held at Hooton Park in Cheshire

Over 10 weekends (6 of which are filmed) During 2023



What is Livestream+?
A Unique Service Offered by TDi Media, where ALL Heats and Finals are Livestreamed &
Finals are Re-edited after each weekend to include 360 and Onboard Cameras, Drone Footage, Additional Camera Angles and Graphics, with Jake Sanson and Alan Taddei doing a Fresh Commentary Track for Broadcast TV.* 


* To be assured of inclusion in the TV edit, classes must feature a minimum of 16 drivers

We have been offered TV slots for 2023, making a minimum one hour show for every round, featuring each final. In the event we do not have sufficient numbers in some classes, we may edit in some of the heats in one or two classes with 16 or more entries. As a driver in the series, you would become a regular character in a season long storyline.


The media coverage is a ground breaking new initiative for club karting, With EVERY HEAT AND FINAL livestreamed during the season in 6 of the rounds. For local club members it will be quite simply an unprecedented level of media coverage and exposure for everyone taking part in a regular club series, usually only rivalled by national championships, which tend to be either live-streamed, or on TV, not both.


It reduces the need and costs for extended travelling to circuits nationwide, saving significant expenses in travel and hotels alone, enhancing the value of local club karting with memories that can be watched live, on TV a few weeks later and then time and time again on the TDi Media YouTube channel. With over 175,000 subscribers, this is the biggest platform in the world dedicated to the sport.


Other Clubs interested in the initiative should contact Alan Taddei at TDi Media to discuss similar coverage for your local club.

Hooton Park in Cheshire is 400 metres from J6 off the M53.
Classes at Hooton Park for Indikart+ in 2023 will include:
Bambino, Micromax, Honda 200, Minimax (2022 Regs), Junior Rotax and Senior Rotax
From time to time, there may be other guest classes, subject to numbers

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