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Live-streaming Coverage of your Event as it Happens

Livestreaming Mobile Studio

Live Streaming in Action


Whether you want to promote your business, a special offer, event, or just keep your Customers informed about what you are doing, we can help you produce a high quality live event, including conferences, for your facebook page, youtube channel or website. We can also project what we are filming to a large screen to support speeches and presentations.


From a single camera to multiple broadcast standard cameras (up to 8 at one event), we have the necessary hardware for the highest quality livestream production, with the necessary software to switch between cameras and high quality still and motion graphics to support your message. We have the solution to match your ambition and creativity.

We can livestream anywhere with a 4g internet signal, using our mobile router with twin data sims (O2 and EE), or our 5g router using a data sim by 3 if there is local 5g signal available. We have a mobile set up in the rear of our van with an independent power supply, so livestreaming can be done anywhere we can drive to with a signal, including the middle of a field!

Call us now on 07595-371683 to discuss your vision.

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